Basic Cryptocurrency Terminology

Hi folks ! if you have access to internet , then I am sure you would have came across this term cryptocurrency or bitcoin or digital gold etc. There is currently full different wave of it in market , & why shouldn’t be , its a technology marvellous where noone holds the power.
To be frank, I am not going into its history, you can refer to literally millions of other pages.I was also wooed by its price and wanted to invest or buy some but was always unaware what actually determine any cryptocurrency worth.
So here I am shedding some light on few fundamental criteria on which you can & you should judge.

1.) Underlying Technology
2.) Problem it solves & benefits
3.) Who owns it ?
4.) Total Coins Available
4.) Circulating Supply : Total number of coins in market currently (n)
5.) Market Cap : = (n) * price_of_1_coin

Coin NameTechnologyOwn ByMax Supply Ever PossibleCirculating supply / Existing CountMarket capital
Bitcoin (BTC)BlockchainNo one : its Decentralised21 Million : 2,10,00,00018.8M66.6Trillion
Ethereum (ETH)BlockchainNo one : its DecentralisedUnlimited117M27.9Trillion
Binance (BNB)Blockchain176 Million : 176,406,561 168.1M6Trillion
Ripple (XRP)Blockchain100,000 Million : 100 B46500M3.9Trillion
Cardano (ADA)Blockchain45,000 Million : 45 B32100M6.8 Trillion
Dogecoin (Doge)BlockchainUnlimited131000M2.7Trillion
Tron (TRX)BlockchainUnlimited71700M0.455Trillion
Bit Torrent (BTT)Blockchain990,000 Million : 990 B659953 M0.004 B
SafemoonBlockchain1000 Trillion585536000 M 0.002 B

**below data is at the time of writing this blog

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