Instagram Binary Option Trader : Expectations vs. Reality

There are bunch of losers who fools others on Instagram claiming they are binary traders. Trust me, few of them don’t even know anything about cryptocurrency.

How they fool you ?

An Instagram account full of dollar money pics and some lady with a professional outfit. eg :

step1: One is contacted by them on Instagram and asked to contact them on WhatsApp. Few numbers, +1(914)200-7110 , +1(484)398-2053 , +1(631)518-5767 , +1(912)274-1198 . Never -ever do any transaction with these life loosers.
They will say to invest (or donate to them your hard-earned money) the money and in the week they will return your money or profit (as those mother****** says). I send 500$ worth of bitcoin.

step 2: Every day they will lick your ass with greetings and sending fraud snapshots of money in IQ account or 24options.

step3: Day of getting the money (as promised). They will ask 5% of total money grown as the commission. For eg if I had transferred $500, they will show a fake snapshot of money of $25000 in my account. They will ask 5% there commission. If you are still being an Idiot and fooled by them and as soon as you transfer 1500$, they will send you the below already drafted message already :

“You will have to pay tax to the IRS. IRS is the United States Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury and one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators. The IRS is responsible for collecting taxes and the administration of the Internal Revenue Code. It’s mandatory for everyone to pay taxes on the income they receive during the year, whether it is from a job, self-employment, or other sources such as trading, etc…The IRS expects to receive tax payments as your income is earned before the withdrawal can comments the tax for your trading account has to be paid and the tax you pay in your account depends on how much profit you have made and the tax are been paid every month when you are to make a withdrawal tax has to be paid before the withdrawal can commerce and the tax fee is $900btc until the tax has not been paid the withdrawal can not take place the tax has to be paid from my end So you are to send me $900 so I will be able to pay for the tax and the withdrawal can commerce And you should note that the tax fee cannot be deducted from the trading account You will have to pay $900 so that the withdrawal can commerceWithout paying for the tax fee sorry to say this right now there is no way we can make the withdrawal
its important we pay for the tax fees and also do it on time so that we can be able to make the withdrawal and reinvest because if this take too much time there can be complications in the account or it can lead to the account been dormant

And then when you will transfer those $900 , they will ask for the next 10% company commission and by this time you would have lost more than $2500 already on these illiterate mother******* . Good Luck !

NEVER LEND or GIVE MONEY TO ANY INSTAGRAM TRADER (a real money trader dosen’t invest time on instagram.) They are scammer.
Contact me if you need any help or suggestions.

Please comment , for any type of support. Would be glad to help you

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