Binary Trading: Cryptocurrency

What is Binary Trading?

Binary Trading in the financial term is an investment that works based on the prediction of value on which we predicting. In short blah blah blah and blah.
Too much jingling words.
Don’t worry !!!. My first reaction was the same.
Now coming to question, what is binary trading in layman’s terms or how will make understand a 5-year-old kid what is Binary trading

Binary Trading or Binary Option Trading : Its nothing but the prediction if the value would go up or down below the predicted value after certain period of time like next 5 min , 10 min , 1 hour etc. .

Its similar to betting in cricket match if the player would hit 50 runs or not. Pure gambling on the basis of some prediction signal.

Platforms where we bet … oops sorry , where we trade , are like IQ option etc.

IQ option
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