Microservice Architecture

Hi guys, I have heared numours buzz regarding the microservice architecture. So here in this post I tried to shed light on it. Its a simple software architecture or design. As you can see in the above picture , the left side picture of iron man, its suite designed in only 1 strangled suite signifyies monolitic architecture whereas in second , each part of its suite is being independently deployed/worn and then integrated at the end with the help of the integrator machine signifying the microservice architecture.

1.) Microservices
2.) Microservices Architecture & dev tools
3.) Microservices Design Patterns
4.) Twelve – Factor App

What are Microservices ?

A Microservice is a small unit that has only one responsibility or single logic which solves a specific problem.
Multiple Microservices work together to build high independent software or problem.
Here, the term “Service” can be anything, a frontend piece of code or a backend piece of code or anything. It can be any type of unit.

What are Microservices Advantages ?

Language & framework is independent.
Each Unit or service can be independently developed, deployed, or versioning.
Better Scaling.
Fault Isolation
Zero downtime upgrades.

Monolithic vs N-Layer vs SOA vs Microservices

What are Microservices Principles ?

Modeled Around Business Domain
Culture of Automation (configuration, deployment etc….)
Implementation Details should be abstract

When to use Microservice Architecture?

Large Application that requires a high release
Complex Application that requires scaling

Challenges of Microservices?

developloment & testing
Network congestion &Latency

Explain Microservices Architecture ?

Design Pattern for Microservices ?

Decomposition Pattern : loosely coupled , single responsisbility service by business capability
Integration Pattern : Multiple & different types of call :
1. API gateway Pattern 2.) Aggregator Pattern
Database Pattern : Database Per service , Command Query Responsiblity Segregation
Communication Pattern :
Request/Response : HTTP/HTTPS synchronus protocl
messaging pattern : push & subscribe via common channel
Event driven pattern: services reacts to occurrence of any envent
Cross-Cutting Concern Pattern : configuration should be at database , service discovery
Observability Pattern: For Troubleshoot pattern
Deployment Pattern :

what is 12-factor App ?

Its a fundamental guidelines for any cloud ready application.

  1. Codebase
  2. Dependencies
  3. Config
  4. Backing Service
  5. Build , Release & Run
  6. Process
  7. Port Binding :
  8. Concurrency
  9. Disponsbility
  10. Dev/prod parity
  11. Logs
  12. Admins
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