System Design: Interview Topics

Hi guys , system design questions are now important rounds in SDE interview questions. Here in this blog, I tried to shed some light like why it is important & tried to categorize to create a road map.

Why it is important ?

Ans :
1. Because it’s being asked in the Interview: NO (Totally wrong )
2. As an Engineer, to create a robust Application: YES
If you aspire to become a billionaire like Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg or Kunal Shah then you have to provide a service that could be used by Millions. To manage a million users, your application should be capable to handle it. So, it’s not just about the interview round, it’s about you as an Engineer creating something like the Great Wall of China, withstanding any situation, handling any condition.

System Design Category
Common Applications you use or Inspire to create ( new product by Interviewer).
Below are some applications used commonly by millions every day.

  1. Chat System :
    Text chat: whatsapp design
    Video Chat : Zoom/Teams
  2. Entertainment :
    Movie/Series: Bookmyshow , Netflix
    Game: multiplayer online game
  3. Travel Transportation:
    hotel booking : Oyo , AirBnb
    Travel : uber , make my trip
  4. Internet Utilites:
    Storage based : Google drive & file edit syncing
    Subscription based/Account based :
    Open To use:

Topic or basic tool required to complete the task are mentioned below

  1. Database (Sql or NoSql)
  2. caching (Redis , memcahce , Aerospike)
  3. asyncProcess (Kafka , Rabbit MQ)
  4. services (microservices instances , distributed , Load balancer )
  5. Server (cpu , memory , disk space ,network bandwidth)

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