Walmart: Online Technical Coding Interview Experience

They only hire java developer. Only company I have came accross which is language specific.

Round 1

1.) Common Ancestor to two given node in Binary Tree
I gave : Time : O(n) & space : O(n) solution
search in the tree , store the path , then compare both array nodes.

Round 2 : Expectation was to Code into java (dont know) , I used google for the syntax
1.) Kth largest number from two sorted array as a single array.

Round 3 : Managerial
Lots of Question on process

1.) How java service is deployed on physcial server : Steps
2.) CD/CI pipeline
3.) Project delay
4.) Team mentoring / delegation
5.) KT

Round 4 : System Design

We have facebook type social platform , where there is feed , posts , likes , comment , marketplace.
Create a User Activity Logging Service which captures all type of user interactions.

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