Bits Of Jarvis

Hello Everyone ! for the starter myself “Zunglee” a dumb, broke, lost day-dreamer, totally gentleman, but a greedy guy trying to convert caffeine into code.
Why this name “zunglee” and what is this “bitsofjarvis” ? well you are about to find out but before that

Welcome to my World

As far as I believed I always thought computers are intelligent but they are funny. Believe me, they act like a child many times. You teach something, they result in something.

All these years I struggled to learn the terminology and the concept underneath using those terminologies (Believe me it was way much easier once I understood in my native language using local examples.. Phew !! God bless those souls whose head I have eaten all these years to understand).
There was a time at the start of my career where I struggled to understand the meaning of deployment, yet too shy to ask out for clarity or the meaning of an API & all.
So here I am trying to provide something through my blog, which I felt missing and were roadblock for my project/programming journey. Hope it may help some others out there too!

So coming to my blog name, inspired by my marvel hero, A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist Mr. Stark – Iron Man, I aim to create AI like JARVIS [Just A Rather Very Intelligent System] for myself and provide my concept understanding, every BIT of it in the simplest language(I am dumb … remember ).

Well, I am a big badminton Enthusiastic too so just like in civil war the way Jarvis studied the Captain America fighting style, one day I would read Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei playing style and would teach myself too 🙂

For the reference ( and since its my blog I can do whatever I want ) attaching the fight scene link.

Coming to second doubt … “Zunglee” ? hmm .
I wanna admit I am more of a Batman fan & his idealogy. Quoting one of the famous lines from his movie.

It’s not who I am underneath, it’s what I do that defines me.
-Batman Begins (& so do I)

Ooo too Chilling !! I know it gives me goosebumps every time.

Lets Begin !


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