How to start in Linux

Hi everyone!
Being from a gamer on windows to a software developer on Linux is a drastic update, especially for my eyes. It took me a while to get accustomed from multi-color screen/graphics to defined sets.
But guess what! I am in love with Linux now. You are God in the Linux realm.

Here I am listing a few basic things (not those installing steps etc. ) which would ease for you to start. Give it a read.
Assuming you have ubuntu installed and knowing what is a terminal.

Anyone’s basic requirements are Internet surfing, video playback, software installation, programming (assuming). Below are basic things to begin within Linux.

1.) File structure :
why it is important?
Simple answer: Just to know how things are arranged internally. To search/install efficiently keeping organized.

2.) User group & File permission :
why it is important?
Simple answer: In Linux every file/folder or any dam things are defined with read-write permission.

3.) Basic commands :
a.) pwd : where are you currently
b.) ls / ls -lrth: show files & folder in current directory
c.) editor to change file content : vi / vim / nano
d.) “:” + “w” : to save the conent
e.) “:” + “q” : to exit the editor
f.) find . -name “*NAME_OF_FILE_FOLDER*” PATH : to search file name
g.) grep -nlr “*STRING_CONTENT*” PATH : to search recursively inside the path provided the occurrence of the string content
h.) cp FILE PATH : to copy the file to given path
I.) mv FILE PATH : to mv file to given path
J.) mkidr -p FOLDER_DIRECTORY : make folder/directory if not present create it.
k.) top : to check the running process with CPU utilization
l.) ps aux: list down the process list with ports for the user group
m.) free -mh : memory status in human-readable formate.

4.) Install/uninstall Any sotware:
apt-get install ${packagename}
apt-get remove ${packagename}
apt-get update; apt-get upgrade

5.) Connect to other Linux OS/Server:
using SSH (secure shell ) client.

Keep the commands Handy , rest will follow.

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