How to make jetbrains php storm free unlimited trial ?

What is Php Storm?
PhpStorm is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for PHP and web developers, which is engineered by JetBrains. It has enriched functionality & utility but It is not available free of cost. So for PHP enthusiast developer like me always has to look some other way like uninstalling & re-installing or changing the dns of etc…….(if you know any other that worked for you please comment down !)
Well, I am against these types of the act but being a developer, it’s my right to exploit any bug/implementation in a non-harmful and legally productive way. So here are few steps in Linux to remove trial period check-in phpStorm and to code in using phpStorm forever !.

Important Note** : After 30 days it will force u to update to full version or will allow you to use php storm for 30 min only.
Don’t worry, just re-apply the quick steps mentioned below again and it will extend the evaluation period to next 30 days.

QUICK STEPS that worked for me.

1.) rm ~/.config/JetBrains/PHPSTORM_VERSION_FOLDER/options/other.xml
2.) rm -rf ~/.config/JetBrains/PHPSTORM_VERSION_FOLDER/eval/* ; //*//
3.) cd ~/.java/.userPrefs/jetbrains
4.) rm -rf phpstorm*

eg :
rm ~/.config/JetBrains/PhpStorm2020.2/options/other.xml ;
rm -rf ~/.config/JetBrains/PhpStorm2020.2/eval/* ;
cd ~/.java/.userPrefs/jetbrains ; rm -rf phpstorm*

Open the phpStorm and select evaluate for free. Congratulations ! 30 more days of hassle-free PHP coding.

Step 1 :Install free phpStorm

sudo tar xvf PhpStorm-2018.3.tar.gz --directory /opt/


or install by installing jetbrains toolbox from

Step 2: Terminate All jetBrains application
Get all the process using ps aux | grep "jetBrains" and kill it.
Or simple close all the application and toolbox

Step 3 : Remove all *.key files
goto : cd ~/.config/JetBrains/”
2.) rm -rf "*.key"
or 2.) DELETE all item in the eval folder

Step 4: Remove options.xml file
1.) cd ~/.config/JetBrains/WHATEVER_YOUR_PHPSTORM_VEERSION/options
2.) rm -rf options.xml

Step 5: Block connections or mislead JetBrains servers connections
add below entries in your /etc/hosts file.

Step 6 : RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (this is important since OS caches all the preferences. You have to restart OS for the new preferences to be fetched)

Please free to comment below if you have any query. I would be happy to help.


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3 years ago

Thanks man . Quick steps worked

2 years ago

I tried your both steps, but it always ask me to setup when i open again, I just installed phpstorm , will this work for me after 30 days

2 years ago

just use spin up docker container with phpstorm image


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